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Augmented reality is much more than just Pokemon Go or a Snapchat filter. AR can help your mobile workers:

  • Improve efficiency for logistics
  • Mitigate safety risks
  • Learn on the go

Augmented Reality For Performance Support


One such example of augmented reality is a prototype we built for the United States Department of Defense (page 67). The app:

  • Identified and translated text from dozens of languages to English
  • Identified people using facial recognition and decoded numerical masks
  • Provided performance support for in-theater operational users

Float delivers fantastic products. They thoroughly research how they’ll approach an issue. It’s clear they have an excellent understanding of our audience, and they make informed choices because of that. The end result is a phenomenal design that’s easy to use.”

– Erin Gibbens, president, Resonate Learning Consultants (program analyst directly supporting the U.S. Department of Defense as a mobile learning consultant working with interagency/international operational partners)

Augmented Reality For Navigation

Another example is Cydalion, which is a navigation app for people with visual impairments. Cydalion alerts users to help them avoid making unwanted contact with nearby objects.

“It extends the use of my cane an extra 4, 5, 10 feet.”

– Cydalion tester

“If I want to go somewhere and I want to do it by myself, I could do it.”

– Cydalion tester

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